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Finding, retaining, and maximizing the performance of great employees is more critical than ever. Given their intellectual firepower, devoted communities and reputations for excellence, universities are a powerful resource to address this  challenge. Noodle collaborates with our network of nearly thirty top U.S. universities to provide employees like yours world-class courses, degrees and certificate programs.
Noodle, has acquired Meteor Learning

Noodle, higher education’s leading strategy, services, and technology partner, has completed the acquisition of Meteor Learning. Noodle welcomes Meteor Learning’s higher education and employer partners into its network, which enables Noodle’s partners to be more resilient, responsive, and efficient.

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Education to
Drive Recruiting

Our scholars program will build you a dependable pipeline of educated and diverse talent, while helping future employees avoid decades of college debt. We match high-potential students with your company, and they agree to work with you upon graduation. In lieu of a recruiting fee you’ll pay off a portion of their student debt each quarter that you employ them.
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Education to Increase Retention

Offering higher education as an employee benefit raises retention and performance in a tax-efficient and easily measured way. Noodle efficiently brings your employees engaging programs from top universities at a fraction of the cost of the leading education-as-a-benefit providers.
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Education to
Support Upskilling

Noodle helps universities transform their traditional content into a format that supports the needs of the modern workforce. Then we help learners find the right content for them through personalized tools and free counselors, and we prioritize program completion with a highly social learning environment and inexpensive access to teaching assistants to help them master complex lessons.
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Noodle connects employers with leading universities to transform their workforces.
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