An Innovative Way
to Find and Keep Talent

Noodle’s new University to Employer (U2E) model can help you create a steady pipeline of highly skilled new employees in a cost effective way that forges meaningful relationships with them.

The Employer

In an increasing number of fields, the demand for talent far exceeds individuals available to meet it. Employers spend millions competing for qualified candidates, and end up leaving critical positions empty.

Noodle’s Scholars program can help.
Here’s how:
  • We match you with the right universities and programs therein.
  • We find qualified students in those programs and put them up for your evaluation. Once selected, Scholars will generally pay no tuition and agree to work for you upon graduation. Noodle arranges the upfront funding.
  • We provide tools by which you can track their progress through the program, and provide internships and other introductions to your processes and culture.
  • Once the student has started with you, you pay a fee each quarter to pay off their student loan. This can be between $5,250 and $25,000 per year.

Noodle connects employers with leading universities to transform their workforces.
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