Lifelong Learning
That Makes a Difference

Traditional online upskilling courses have an abysmal completion rate of about 5%. With our partner universities, Noodle provides relevant courses and certificate programs that keep students more engaged and more supported along the way.

Better for Employees

Noodle helps learners consider which course or program maps to their life and career goals with counselors and AI-driven tools. We help them collaborate with colleagues and align learning paths to career goals.We organize learners into small classes based on experience and location, and give them tools to collaborate effectively around the material. And we assign teaching assistants to each class, available to step in with live instruction as needed, whose fee is shared by participating classmates.Your employees make more informed program decisions and enjoy a better overall learning experience.

Better for Employers

You pay for lifelong learning because it helps make your employees better managers and technologists. When a learner takes the wrong course or certificate program, or doesn’t complete it, this investment is wasted.

Accordingly, Noodle analytics helps you understand how your employees are engaging with the learning environment, and track the impact of that learning on retention and equity.